Custom Development Services

Your organization is unique and unlike its competitors. To fully leverage its unique qualities, you need software products and workflows that address your unique needs so you can realize goals, improve efficiency, generate profits and capitalize on market opportunities.

Apago can help you create custom software products and workflows that accommodate your unique and specific business requirement at minimal cost with minimal time-to-market. In working with our custom development experts, you will improve quality, reduce risk, and gain the capabilities and agility your business requires to seize new opportunities and respond to emerging business challenges in today’s fast-changing economy.

The extensive experience of our software architects, project managers, and developers provide an arsenal of unique technology available to deliver the quick, flexible, and safe services you need to gain the high-quality, individualized software solutions you require.

Leverage our experience

Since 1991, Apago has developed an extensive code base for working with prepress and office document file formats, applications and workflows.


We can deliver solutions in many forms including complete systems, applications or developer libraries on multiple platforms.

Quality and upgradeability

The quality of our custom solutions is superior and safeguards upgradeability.


We can help to improve your ability to respond to customer demands and outperform your competitors.

Lower risk

We have a long track record of delivering reliable products on-time and on-budget.

Long-term support

Protect investments with support services for the entire life cycle of your custom solutions.

Project management

We provide customer access to a full-featured website for tracking development progress and for managing support inquires and defects.

Comprehensive PDF Tools technology

Apago’s PDF tools & libraries have been used to develop customized software implementations ranging from back-office document management to traditional printing and on-demand electronic publishing. Capabilities include creating PDF from scratch, modifying existing PDF, convert to/from PDF and other formats, extracting content from PDF, merging, splitting, stamping, digital signatures, encryption, optimization and preflight. We can build PDFs from scratch using your XML input. We can parse incoming PDFs allowing workflow decision based on PDF content.

Licensing Fees

Apago will work with you to arrive at a license fee arrangement that meets your needs. We can arrange upfront, royalty-free arrangements or royalty based deals with minimal initial costs. Each project is priced separated based on the scope and complexity. Please email or call 770-619-1884 for more details.

Recent projects

  • A high-volume fault tolerant workflow running on a cluster of Sun servers for one of the largest magazine publishers in the world. This workflow integrated a custom database containing magazine layout information with an automated layout engine to assemble prototype ‘dummies’ of magazines. The dummy book contained ad and edit page in all variations. The output of the system was a fully realized PDF for the magazine which was used for editorial and legal review purposes. The system has successfully scaled from 1 server to over 6 and demonstrated up-times in excess of 99.99999% while processing over 10,000 pages per day.
  • Developed a custom application for automatically cropping PDF pages using fixed or variable rules for locating marks on the page.
    Customized our PDF Enhancer product to add automated cleanup and optimization of scanned pages. Cleanup features included automatic conversion of ‘black’ color pages to black & white, black-edge removal, deskew, despeckle and removal of ‘blank’ pages.
  • A custom command-line application using regular expressions to find and replace text in PDF files. The replacement text preserves all of the original attributes including font, size, color and positioning.
  • Modified an existing Acrobat plugin for a leading greeting card manufacturer that merged card designs with variable elements such as pricing & barcodes.
    Developed a custom Acrobat plugin for an insurance company that allowed its customers to automatically upload and submit PDF forms to a content management system.
  • Developed a custom application (Windows and Mac OS X) for a company that handled advertising submissions to magazines and newspapers. The application allowed the advertiser to correctly size and crop an ad to fit the publisher’s specifications. JDF was used coordinate communication between the company’s workflow and the custom application.
  • Provided image cleanup and compression services for two large magazine archival projects. Page counts were in excess of 300,00 pages.

Development Languages & Technologies

C++ • JavaScript • Java • C# • Perl • Python


GUI • command-line • Java JNI • Windows COM/.NET

Web Technologies

HTML • Javascript • XML • SOAP • REST; JSON

Commerical and Open Source Libraries

Adobe Acrobat • Global Graphics JAWS • Ghostscript • libtiff • libjpeg • jbig2enc • iText • Little CMS • wxWidgets


PDF (PDF/X, PDF/A, PDF/VT) • PS (EPS/DCS) • TIFF • HTML • XML • XSL • JPEG • JPEG2000 • JBIG2 • PNG • BMP • Scitex, etc.

Operating Systems

Windows Server/XP/Vista/7/8/10 • Macintosh OS X 10.4 and later • Linux