When a printer promises online ordering and overnight delivery, its operations must be effortlessly efficient. To achieve this printing nirvana, Mimeo.com relies on Apago’s technology. “Our margins depend on how efficient we are. The fewer hiccups we have in the workflow, the more profitable we are. Apago is part of that solution,” states Craig Jacobs, Director, Mimeo.com.

With Apago’s technology, Mimeo.com has reduced the error rates at the press to almost zero. “The press is the worst place to find out that you have an issue,” states Jacobs. “You’ve wasted all the resources to get the file to press, and the customer is no longer at the office. This was once a persistent problem for us.” Jacob adds, “Our goal is to have zero issues at press and Apago’s technology is a key component to making this possible.”

A long-time customer, Mimeo.com integrates Apago’s PDF Enhancer and PDFspy in its production workflow to ensure that files are press-ready. Beyond just preflight, the combined solution analyzes customer PDF files for errors and standardizes them so they are press-ready.

PDF Enhancer performs many functions including standardizing page sizes and orientation. It also makes adjustments for hole punching or binding. It resizes pages and thoroughly cleansing the PDF files to eliminate problems when the pages are later imposed and rendered.

These tasks would normally take hours to do manually, yet now take seconds, without error, using Apago’s software. And if there is a file that does not meet the established requirements, the automated system sends an immediate alert to Mimeo.com’s staff.

“We started with PDF Enhancer and PDFspy, and used them for a while.  Then, Apago customized the solution to better suit our unique requirements,” notes Jacobs. “We use all of the value that Apago’s technology provides, and we’ll probably use more of it in the future.” Jacobs notes, “Usually, the way that I work with Apago is that as we are in development or doing our sprint planning, something will come up, and we’ll say, “Apago might be able to handle this.” He adds, “They are very responsive and easy to work with.”

Technologies used:
Apago PDF Enhancer Advanced Server
Apago PDFspy

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